Ice Dam Formation




An ice dam is a frozen blockage of snow and water that occurs at the base of the roof or valley. Once a blockage has formed, it prevents any remaining snow and water from shedding off the roof. Therefore the dam continues to grow causing large pools of water to form behind the dam. The water can find its way ice damagethrough the roof and cause costly interior damage. The weight of the ice can also cause significant exterior damages. The roof itself can be damaged by shifting ice as well as property around or below where it can fall. The safety concerns associated with falling snow and ice are enormous.


A frozen block of ice 2'x2'x2' weighs 460 pounds! The ice dam on your roof exerts tremendous weight and pressure on the roof structure. Ice can have a devastating effect on anything it might fall upon. Avoid structural damage and safety hazards with a well designed ice melt system from Colorado Ice Melt Systems.